TerraLuma website

11 October 2012

We have just released a new website for the TerraLuma project. The TerraLuma research project at the University of Tasmania aims to develop novel tools and algorithms for environmental remote sensing applications and aerial surveys using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). TerraLuma

TerraLuma on ABC Rural

6 April 2011

Steve Harwin and I were on ABC Rural today with an article on the application of UAVs for precision agriculture. More details on the interview can be found here. More information about our TerraLuma project can be found here.

UAV Precision Agriculture

Successful Antarctic fieldwork

30 March 2011

We have had a successful field trip to Casey, Antarctica in February 2011. We have been able to collect visible, multispectral, and thermal imagery of the moss beds near Casey using the OktoKopter. More information on this project can be found here.

OktoKopter AntarcticaOktoKopter with MCA

3D point clouds from UAV photography

30 September 2010

The TerraLuma UAV Team has developed a novel technique to derive very dense 3D point clouds from overlapping UAV photography. A point cloud with a 1 cm point spacing was generate for an Antarctic moss bed at Casey (10,000 point per m2 and 6 million points in total). See the this page for more information.


7 May 2010

I am currently on sabbatical at the University of Calgary inCanada. I just spent two months at ITC in The Netherlands. During my sabbatical I am concentrating on remote sensing research. My primary focus is on Random Forest classification and applying random forests in an object-based image analysis (OBIA) context. I am also looking at wavelet-based texture features and how these texture measures can improve image classification.

Composite of NDVI, wavelet texture measure, and blue band of a QuickBird image of Macquarie Island

Website change

7 May 2010

I have changed my website so that I can update the site more regularly with the latest news and research on the front page. The research section has been updated with new projects, particularly the UAV and Antarctic projects. The list of publications and presentations has been updated as well.

UAV Project

September 2009 - present

We have been working on developing a helicopter based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with multiple sensors for ultra-high resolution remote sensing. In 2010, four PhD students have started on this exciting project. For more information see the UAV research page.

Casey, Antarctica

January 2010

I have been at Casey, Antarctica to do field work. Associate Prof. Sharon Robinson (University of Wollongong) and I have spent four weeks mapping the moss beds in the Windmill Islands. We have used an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to photograph the moss beds from the air. See this page for more detail on the project.